Torri - My Story

Hello, my name is Torri and I am being represented by Teamindure in the Ragnar Trail Relay because I suffer from diplegic cerebral palsy or spastic diplegia…a form of cerebral palsy that is caused by damage of the motor cortex during birth or early childhood and whose symptoms include leg spasms muscle tensing, stiff joints, and increased risk for muscle tears.
I was premature at 5 lbs. with under developed lungs, causing lack of oxygen and the development of my CP. After two weeks of monitoring and feeding through an I.V. I was sent home and immediately began regular doctors’ and specialists visits; as well as multiple castings, one eye procedure, AFO braces, and Botox injections. I also participated in physical and occupational therapy with Kathryn Davis, who runs a nonprofit organization called “Rolling Ridge Riding.” This organization is meant to help children as a means of maintaining balance, receiving additional education, and social interaction; while forming a connection with horses.
After many years, I was finally able to receive a procedure that essentially relieved tightness in my legs. Thankfully, my case of CP does not influence my education or learning abilities and I am able to excel exceptionally well in my studies…from my viewpoint CP has not discouraged me, but has given every reason to reach toward my goals. I’ve always wanted to act as a role model for others with CP, to lift them up and not discourage. Cerebral Palsy, no matter the case or severity, is surmountable.