Teamindure is offering two sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsorship - Individual Athlete

Sponsorship - teamindure

Why Sponsor?

  • All the athletes who compete for teamindure come from varied backgrounds and athletic abilities. They may be motivated by wanting to make a difference in their community or family or by improving their own health.  No matter what their reason they are all  doing so in honor of one or more individuals that they feel define strength. They are the individuals that are running in their own health marathons or triathlons with long-term illness.
  • The athletes who have chosen to be a part of teamindure are not doing it to draw attention to them-selves but to stand up and raise awareness for a cause or another individual.
  • Your sponsorship to one or more athletes will provide them with the ability to maintain a fundraising page, help with registration fees and allow them to feel like a professional athlete as they compete in their events
  • For your sponsorship of an athlete(s) your company logo or name depending on the sponsorship level will be featured on their story page, business cards for which they will be handing out to help fundraise and on their race gear.  The higher the level the more opportunities to gain exposure.

Thank you for your support.