Blog - Lesson's learned and goal for 2018

As I reflect on 2017, my hope was that I was able to grow as an individual and learn from the lessons of my life and those around me. 2017 was filled with many highs and lows on and off the race course as I worked to honor those with long term illness. Their Purpose, Heart and Perseverance as they ran their races was inspirational. 2018 will focus on the word LESSON. If it speaks to you ask that you join me.

L: Listen- My hope is to listen to all the lessons going on around me and ask the question “what is this lesson teaching me?” We are told that all aspects of life good and bad, are a lesson we can learn from. The difficulty is with listening to the message and taking the necessary actions. As far as my individual hardship, is there a pattern with my actions that led to this hardship/outcome or is it a simple mistake? If it is repetitive “what is the common denominator?” Will changing my attitude or actions lead to a better outcome.

E: Empathy- Empathy is the driving force behind teamindure. Webster’s dictionary defines empathy as the feeling that you understand and share another's position. Can I put myself in the position of the person experiencing their journey. Does that journey include a lesson for me. Also, there is a difference between empathy and sympathy. Sympathy is to feel pity or sorrow for someone else’s misfortune. Sympathy may be felt but empathy is experienced. The true power and change comes from empathy.

S: Succomb: Websters defines succumb as to be brought to an end by the effect of destructive or disruptive forces. For me as I strive to succeed in 2018. My goal will be to discover what those destructive forces are and not succumb to them. What are those things holding me back? Is it my attitude, the attitude of those around us, or all the excuses. Maybe it's my self centeredness that I fail to see the forest from the trees.

S: Submit: It's time to Submit to Commit. Here it's time to pledge to a certain course or policy that will lead to lasting change. Commitment is unfortunately a word that we hear a lot about around the new year. The question is what will it take to commit long term to a course of action. The simple answer is it only takes one step, then another step, and then you keep going. No matter how difficult the journey, there are no short cuts. Now some may take a longer slower path while others will go straight up the side of the mountain. But no matter the path It will be difficult, there will be times that we will all want to give up. But it is in those deep dark places that true character is revealed.

O: Ownership: It is time to take ownership of all aspects of the journey. Yes, we can have friends to help us along the way. The mantra of teamindure is that “no one races alone.” So my goal is to surround myself with people that will help keep me accountable, but will allow me the ability to take ownership of my decisions and my hope is to do the same for them.

N: Never look back or fall into old habits. The goal is to appreciate the journey, but never look back and dwell on the trials and tribulations of the past. The scars physical, mental, and emotional are reminders of how we have all come to this point and are a reminder of the things that are possible if we are willing to put one foot in front of the other to create a better future.

I wish you a Happy and Healthy 2018. I hope that you find it possible to carry someone that may be dealing with hardships and illness as you meet and exceed your 2018 goals.

Thank you for all your support

Pete Barusic. - Teamindure