Teamindure defined?

I wonder sometime when people see the name teamindure with the tagline “the i is silent” what their initial thoughts are. Did Pete mean to spell it that way and isn’t endure spelled with an “e.” Just as we have all learned over the years that there is “no I in team.” I move to start a trend that the only “e” in endure is at the end. To fully understand the meaning of teamindure, it is important to look at the definitions of each word. Merriam-Websters dictionary defines:

Team: as a number of persons associated together in work or activity.

I: is the one who is speaking or writing

Endure is defined the following ways 1) to remain firm under suffering or misfortune without yielding. 2) to regard with acceptance or tolerance.

Silent: 1) free from noise or sound 2) done or felt without being spoken 3) implies a habit of saying no more than is needed

As a physical therapist any of my past and current patients will tell you that I have a habit of using the word “we” as we go through their treatment. “How are we feeling? Here are the activities or exercises “we” are going to work on today or the next time I come out. Every now and then I will get someone tell me that, “We are not doing anything, I am the one that has to do it.” My response every time is yes you are the one doing the activity but I am here to provide the physical and emotional assistance if you need to get you through the task. They usually don’t question me after that.

teamindure was started as a way to honor those individuals running a race with long term health issues, a race that they did not choose to enter. Yes, as with my patients I do not have their disease process or past medical history. I physically cannot enter their race and feel what they feel, but I can hold a sign and cheer them on.

So why the name teamindure with the tagline “the i is silent?” My thought is that no one should have to race alone. So “i” as part of the team will do what I can to help them remain firm under suffering or misfortune and that it will be done or felt without needing to be spoken. But to be silent also implies a habit of saying no more than is needed. That is where the oxymoron lies. If I remain silent than my message is unseen. A gesture no matter how well crafted it is meant to show support that goes unnoticed will not reach its intended target. So as part of teamindure it is important to let those that define strength know that I am on their course.

I challenge everyone to stand on the course for someone that they may or may not know, just to provide them with encouragement. Your sign whether through words, actions or deeds will not go unnoticed.

Eventhough, the i is silent, the message speaks volumes.


Pete Barusic

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